Tuesday, 11 February 2014

☆.LBHNaija.☆ [Video/Music Review] Olu Maintain – Ennuff Effizzi.

I was GOBSMACKED when I watched this video. Now I’ve never really thought too much of Mr Maintain, listened to a few of his songs most especially from back in the day who remembers “I am looking for a wifey olu wa femi o” yeah tune ay…well wouldn’t take it that far but I mean the song was cool. Then we had Nawti Nawti which was just another catchy song with plenty booty inside the video to catch anyone’s attention. Then I see this video……...

Monday, 10 February 2014

☆.LBHNaija.☆ [Music Review] Omotola - Barren Land.

Can we just be honest with ourselves here...YES Omotola is an icon, YES Omotola is a screen 'goddess', YES she is beautiful and has the full package BUT unfortunately singing was DEFINITELY missing from that package. C'mon it wouldn't be fair if she had all the talent in the world I mean the lady is great, but its really not by force to be able to sing.
Who remembers her other song she released a while back? Nobody? Let me refresh your memories check out the video below.

☆.LBHNaija.☆ [Music Review] Solidstar ft. Eva - I'm Sorry.

Introducing a new segment to my blog where I tell the complete and honest truth about all things Naija!

Now I'm not here to hate on anybody but to promote healthy criticism and praise that challenges and in affect raises Nigerian standard/quality in all things. music, entertainment, fashion, lifestyle, news...plus you know sometimes when you hear something or read about something and you're just like "ummm really!" Yeah so lets begin shall we hehe.


Monday, 3 February 2014

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