Tuesday, 10 September 2013

☆.Fashion Spotlight - Africas Runway .☆

On today's Fashion Spotlight I'll be looking at a new Online Accessory store promoting African Inspired products and of course you know that's what I LOVE so I had to do a post!

What is Africas Runway?
Africa's Runway is an online fashion retailer, conceived in early 2012 that offers unique and modern fashion items inspired by the rich and diverse cultures of Africa.Our items are infused with stunning prints that celebrate and promote the talents of both European and African designers based throughout the world.

Working closely with designers and traders,we are able to provide quality, unmatched garments that represent today's ever changing fashion scene.

Our mission is to 'Make the world your runway' by being a store that offers customers a variety of merchandise that are high in quality and affordable.

we are always looking to promote and work with all types of new designers so if you are a designer and wish to use us as a platform to distribute your products, please do not hesitate to contact us.

 What kind of items are available?

Customers will expect to see unparalleled garments of quality that represent the ever changing fashion scene of today. As part of its objective to provide a variety of merchandise that are high in quality and affordable, Africa's Runway will use their site as a platform for all types of designers to promote new talent, along with their own designs. 

A few items that caught my eye below, make sure you check out the website too! 

Contact Info:
E: info@africasrunway.co.uk


Royal Blue Lampshade 

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