Friday, 10 February 2012

☆.Song of the week: Airis Olowo Ori Mi.☆

Now I'm pretty sure most of you know how much I looooveee my music, so I decided to post my song/music videos of the week just letting you guys know what songs i'm really feeling. They may not necessarily be new songs but just songs I can't get out of my head or I'm really feeling. Btw I have weird taste at times but anyways enjoy.

Starting this off is a song by Airis titled Olowo Ori Mi (My Lover), it is a Nigerian love song with a blend of different instruments! The meaning of the song is 'the owner of the money on my head' in simplest terms which is used by a wife to respectably reference her husband or a prospective husband.
To me this song is just too cute, or maybe I just love yoruba love songs too much who knows! Anyways enjoy!

Peace & God bless

Monday, 6 February 2012

☆.OOTN: Casual Show.☆

Yesterday I went out with one of my girls to a show that another University was putting on and here are our outfits of the night.

☆.OOTN: Ankara Styles.☆

Like I told you I would be uploading more ankara styles, so here are some pics from my mums 50th birthday which was held last year. The pictures are some of the styles my friends decided to make with the tailor, hope you like it :)

This is a simple dress with a pink band sewn onto the dress.

☆.OOTN: White Party!.☆

The other night I went to an all white party with my girls and here is what I wore. I went for a simple up-do hairstyle (always doing up-dos i know) to add to the classiness of the outfit.

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