Monday, 23 January 2012

☆.OOTN: Yellowing it up!.☆

I'm always one to go for the easy simple styles when it comes to dressing up, I recently found a shop on ebay that has some really nice simple styles at affordable prices. What is also good about the store is that there are so many different colours to choose from ( I love my colours!).
So I went out with my girls last week and this is what I wore:

☆.OOTN: Ankara top & dress.☆

I realised that I never show you guys what I wear when I go out, and trust me I go out quite a bit (especially to Nigerian parties) Sooooo here is my first post of my Ankara outfits. Hopefully this helps some people out there when they need to find styles to sew ankara, I know its so difficult for me! So I will be posting different pictures when I go to parties and different styles that I liked. Firstly starting with my aunty and myself.

Firstly make-up from the night, and I am also rocking some FloGlo Stylez. Stud earrings...(if you didn't know this is my accessory line soon to be launched!!)

So I got this top sewn when i was in Nigeria, it has a nice flared bottom with puffy arms. The belt pictured did not come attached I just added it.

Monday, 16 January 2012

☆.Recipe: Follyfo's BanNut Smoothie.☆

So guys, you may or may not know but i looooveeee to cook and experiment with different things I just haven't had time to show you guys what i get up to. Well I have been on a recent smoothie craze making smoothies here and there and came up with my own version of a Banana and peanut butter smoothie which I call 'Follyfo's BanNut Smoothie' (Yeah im cool i know ;) lol).
Its a quick simple recipe and for those of you that like smoothies you should definitely try it out!

Ingredients: (Makes approx. 2 cups.)
 ☆ Bannanas
 ☆ Honey
 ☆ Natural  Greek Yoghurt
 ☆ Juice of your choice ( I used Tropical)
☆ Peanut Butter

1. Add half a cup of Tropical Juice into your smoothie maker (or a blender if you don't have a smoothie maker).

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