Monday, 28 November 2011

☆.Nail Art Design.☆

So the other day was my madres 50th birthday party (pics coming soon) and of course i had to look the part so i decided to do my nails. I wanted something simple and quick to do and i recently saw a design on the Nailside blog (which i LOVE) so here is my attempt @ it. Here is the link to the one on Nailside.

Things i used:
1 stripper nail art pen
2 nail polishes
Nail tek base ridge filling base coat (Excellent)
OPI Top coat

How i did it: (sorry there are no pics).
1. Base coat each nail
2. Paint base colour (Brown) on each nail and leave to dry
3. cut cellotape strips and stick on nails diagonally
4. pain other side with second nail polish (pink) and leave to dry
5. paint line along the diagonal divide using nail stripper or nail art pen and leave to dry
6. Top coat and youre DONE!

Until next time...Peace & God bless

Friday, 25 November 2011

☆. Why I've Been M.I.A. & Protective Style Challenge No.2☆

Yes Yes Yes i know i've sucked at keeping up with blogging and the truth is there has been A LOT for me to blog about these past couple of months, but there has just not been enough time for me to actually sit down upload pics, write etc... Infact as i am writing this now i SHOULD be finished off my dissertation (lets be honest i was procrastinating loooongg before i decided to write this entry). Well as some of you may know i have been taken over by my dissertation (my 10,000 word essay) and it is due in about 2 weeks! I thank God its nearly over but i am also PANICKING because i am nowhere near done....*Oh the joys of being a person with the shortest attention span known to mankind*.....Anywho i thought i owed it to all my followers out there (about 5 people but hey i'm still thankful) an explanation as to where i have been. Trust me my life is pretty interested and i should be including you guys.

There has been A LOT going on and i can't wait to fill you guys in but as for what is to come:

-Ankara Styles + pictures from my mums 50th birthday
-Vlog of my trip to Nigeria!
-Movie reviews
-Product Launch!

And MUCH MUCH MUCH! Trust me when i say much much more (it really annoys me when people say that and they really don't have anything else) But i mean it.

Anyways just to leave you guys with something i put my hair in Crotchet braids once again for a protective style challenge that i joined from folly24 on YouTube, here is the link to the tutorial of how i did the hair.

And here are some pictures of my style of this month which was done with Sleek101 (I know i HATE the brand but it was the only hair i could get from Paksonline). In colour 33, and guys this hair is looong! Here is the link to where i purchased the hair from Click here.

Until next time...Peace & God bless

Friday, 18 November 2011

☆.Something To Make You Laugh.☆

So i came across this trailer for a Ghanian film and it cracked me up so much i thought i had to share it! Make sure you pay CLOSE attention to the CGI I have to say it is Enjoy.

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