Thursday, 1 September 2011

☆.Protective Style of the Month.☆

So while it was fun experiencing my natural hair and experimenting with all the fun styles i could do with it reality is that it is time consuming!
Soon i will be going back to uni (my final year) which is going to be soo hectic so my hair will be going back into protective styling until early next year! (Sobs).....

I got my hair done by one of my aunties friends last week and ALREADY it is rough...the woman did a great job but because of the style i chose (Ghana braids) it is much easier to notice the fuzziness of my natural hair...ahh well! So it looks like im going to have to put it in kinky twists ASAP! But anways here are some pics of what my hair looks like and how i style it.

This is when i first got it done as you can see it is still looking fresh!

The BUN look is very elegant.

This is JUST a week after and if you look very closely you will be able to see it is already getting a tad bit messy! I promise its not me cause i take care of my hair very well :) hehe

Until next time...Peace & God bless

Oh yeh and i promise i will be posting more!

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