Tuesday, 28 June 2011

☆.Crotchet braids to Kansas.☆

As some of you may know I am away in Kansas City, MO for an internship and I didn't wanna take my natural hair there for ease (didnt wanna have the stress of doing my hair for the first couple of weeks). Anyways i did crotchet braids with J'Adore hair and it came out looking fabulous! After a week it started to tangle and uggh.......did not like it! Here are some pics of the hair after 3 days.

Sunday, 26 June 2011

☆.The Best Twist Outs so far.☆

I did some twist outs using 'Twist n loc' protein locking formula and it is sooo great. Check out the review below.  Here are some more pics from the next couple of days.


☆.Barry M Nail Effects Review.☆

I recently came across this new nail polish craze that gives the nails a new and fun look, once you apply a top coat of the specific polish over your nails it creates a sort of crackled effect. Well i decided to try this out since i looooveeeeeee painting my nails ahhh!
I purchased Barry M's Instant Nail effects black magic 10ml from amazon, link below:

This product was brilliant! It worked within seconds of applying it and gave the crackled effect. I also came across other brands of the 'crackle' nail polishes such as W7, so i will be giving you a review and comparison on that.
Overall definitely a great product, check out my YouTube channel for the video of me applying this nail polish. It shows the real time it takes to work.
Below are some pics of the final result after adding my flare to my nails.

I used Sally Hansens 'Hotties Wear Pink' Xtreme Wear nail polish with i LOVE, this brand dries so quickly i really recommend it! After applying this i then used the Barry M nail effects and then finished it off with some silver glittery polish by Saffron.

And below is the final result!

I hope you can see the dazzle effect underneath the glitter polish, anyways hope ya like it peeps.!

YouTube Vid:


☆.Henna Experience.☆

This was the results from my first henna experience, i have to admit i thought the colour would come out more but i was quite happy with the results. Henna is GREAT for the hair and left my hair feeling soft and strong! I would definitely recommend it to everyone, go get your henna on peeps.!



I Loove this womens hair colour!!

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

☆.NYX Round Lipsticks.☆

So i purchased some NYX round lipsticks from Ebay a store called Joy cosmetics here is the link to the store: http://myworld.ebay.co.uk/joy017/?_trksid=p4340.l2559
I was going for a more subtle and nude look with the lipsticks that i chose and these are the lipsticks i purchased in the end.
1. b52-565
2. Fusion - 627
3. Mars - 605
4. Heredes - 538
5. Doll - 635
6. Tea Rose - 628

see the video below with swatches included.

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