Thursday, 29 December 2011

☆.Protective Style of the month.☆

I got my hair did Y'all...whenever i'm in Nigeria, if you dont know by now i ALWAYS get my hair put in twists..its much cheaper and quicker. it cost me 4,000 Naira which is the equivalent of £16, Can you say BOOYAH! (not even a pack of weave is that cheap). That's why i love doing my hair there and one thing i can say is they do it WELL!..I used the popular hair brand called Xpressions in colour #33 and highlights of colour #30. This will be Number the 3rd hairstyle for the protective style challenge I joined on YouTube.  Peep the pics below!

 I lurvvvvv my twists, i think next time though ill get them done slightly bigger as i already had to take out some from the front so it wouldn't break the hair there. Watch out for some style tutorials!

Anyways until next time...Peace & God bless


Friday, 16 December 2011

☆.Ovation Allstar Christmas Song.☆

I don't know about you, but i always anticipate the next Ovation Christmas Carol theme song. Each year Ovation (the popular Nigerian International magazine) gathers artists from all over to feature on their Christmas theme song. As far as I remember, this has been happening for at least two years and this year was no different. With artists such as Wizkid, Iceprince (zamani), Jaywon and Sir Shina Peters Ovation delivered an incredible collaboration to mark this years Christmas.
I love the idea behind Ovation International's videos, it promotes Nigerian Artists, the popular and not so popular ones.
Check the video out below and ones from previous years.


Wednesday, 14 December 2011

☆.Im In Naija Y'all!.☆

So I tried to upload a Video on YT before i took off for Nigeria, but that didn't go as i planned! I have been in Nigeria since Sunday and I am having a great time. I am defo gonna be recording whilst im here and compile some clips just for my YT peeps when i get back to UK but i just wanted to use this time whilst i have internet to wish everyone that follows me a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in advance. I really appreciate all the support and there are some big things in store for Follyhoney in the upcoming year! God bless you all <3 x

Monday, 5 December 2011

☆.Nollywood Trailer: Kunle Afolayan's Latest Film.☆

Im so excited right now im literrally shaking in my boots (not that im wearing any, ive always wanted to use that expression lol). The highly anticipated movie from Kunle Afolayan is nearly here (peep the trailer below).  The award winning director who recently directed the film The Figurine (Araromire) (2009) is back with another hit!

An arrogant business executive and a warm-hearted fashion designer exchange lives after accidentally swapping their mobile phones at a busy airport.
As some of you know i study Media Arts in my final year with specific interest in screen writing, directing and also acting. This movie is setting a new trend in Nollywood, with its cinematography and attention to genre (comedy) we can see this movie is going to be a great succes.
Im soo excited for this movie to come and and you know i will definitely be giving a review on this as soon as possible!! Enjoy the trailer...

Until next time...Peace & God bless

Friday, 2 December 2011

☆.Random: This Baby is too cute.☆

Okay so I have a confession to make.......I am OBSESSED with babies...Don't worry its nothing to worry about, they just fascinate me. I could literally watch babies all day...anyways before you guys get freaked out i HAD to share this video with you. An amazing two year old rapping..ENJOY.

Monday, 28 November 2011

☆.Nail Art Design.☆

So the other day was my madres 50th birthday party (pics coming soon) and of course i had to look the part so i decided to do my nails. I wanted something simple and quick to do and i recently saw a design on the Nailside blog (which i LOVE) so here is my attempt @ it. Here is the link to the one on Nailside.

Things i used:
1 stripper nail art pen
2 nail polishes
Nail tek base ridge filling base coat (Excellent)
OPI Top coat

How i did it: (sorry there are no pics).
1. Base coat each nail
2. Paint base colour (Brown) on each nail and leave to dry
3. cut cellotape strips and stick on nails diagonally
4. pain other side with second nail polish (pink) and leave to dry
5. paint line along the diagonal divide using nail stripper or nail art pen and leave to dry
6. Top coat and youre DONE!

Until next time...Peace & God bless

Friday, 25 November 2011

☆. Why I've Been M.I.A. & Protective Style Challenge No.2☆

Yes Yes Yes i know i've sucked at keeping up with blogging and the truth is there has been A LOT for me to blog about these past couple of months, but there has just not been enough time for me to actually sit down upload pics, write etc... Infact as i am writing this now i SHOULD be finished off my dissertation (lets be honest i was procrastinating loooongg before i decided to write this entry). Well as some of you may know i have been taken over by my dissertation (my 10,000 word essay) and it is due in about 2 weeks! I thank God its nearly over but i am also PANICKING because i am nowhere near done....*Oh the joys of being a person with the shortest attention span known to mankind*.....Anywho i thought i owed it to all my followers out there (about 5 people but hey i'm still thankful) an explanation as to where i have been. Trust me my life is pretty interested and i should be including you guys.

There has been A LOT going on and i can't wait to fill you guys in but as for what is to come:

-Ankara Styles + pictures from my mums 50th birthday
-Vlog of my trip to Nigeria!
-Movie reviews
-Product Launch!

And MUCH MUCH MUCH! Trust me when i say much much more (it really annoys me when people say that and they really don't have anything else) But i mean it.

Anyways just to leave you guys with something i put my hair in Crotchet braids once again for a protective style challenge that i joined from folly24 on YouTube, here is the link to the tutorial of how i did the hair.

And here are some pictures of my style of this month which was done with Sleek101 (I know i HATE the brand but it was the only hair i could get from Paksonline). In colour 33, and guys this hair is looong! Here is the link to where i purchased the hair from Click here.

Until next time...Peace & God bless

Friday, 18 November 2011

☆.Something To Make You Laugh.☆

So i came across this trailer for a Ghanian film and it cracked me up so much i thought i had to share it! Make sure you pay CLOSE attention to the CGI I have to say it is Enjoy.

Thursday, 1 September 2011

☆.Protective Style of the Month.☆

So while it was fun experiencing my natural hair and experimenting with all the fun styles i could do with it reality is that it is time consuming!
Soon i will be going back to uni (my final year) which is going to be soo hectic so my hair will be going back into protective styling until early next year! (Sobs).....

I got my hair done by one of my aunties friends last week and ALREADY it is rough...the woman did a great job but because of the style i chose (Ghana braids) it is much easier to notice the fuzziness of my natural hair...ahh well! So it looks like im going to have to put it in kinky twists ASAP! But anways here are some pics of what my hair looks like and how i style it.

This is when i first got it done as you can see it is still looking fresh!

The BUN look is very elegant.

This is JUST a week after and if you look very closely you will be able to see it is already getting a tad bit messy! I promise its not me cause i take care of my hair very well :) hehe

Until next time...Peace & God bless

Oh yeh and i promise i will be posting more!


Saturday, 23 July 2011

☆.The Limitless Love Of God.☆

Too many times we seek approval from the places that it is not needed, watch this video for a fresh revelation on what really and truly matters in life and being a journey in Love for yourself and others!

"I now live a life for the audience of ONE my Jehova"

Monday, 18 July 2011

☆.Naija Trailer: Eti Keta (3rd party).☆

So I came across a new Nigerian film about to come out and I must say the film does look promising, I am also intrigued to see a mix of different actors and actresses that I didn't think would work together. Kate Henshaw and Saidi Balogun to be precise. The film directed by Daniel Ademinokan looks like it may well be a hit.

Saidi Balogun, Kate Henshaw Nuptall, Jide Kosoko, Sunkanmi Omobolanle, Bukky Ajayi, Eniola Olaniyan, Allwel Ademola, Doris Simeon, Femi Ogedengbe, Kola Olaiya and much more
Director: Daniel Ademinokan

Peep the trailer below:

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

☆.Mac Lipstick.☆

My trip to the mac store! Im in the whole pink theme for my lips so i purchased some pink lipstick from the mac store, im not really a mac person cuz i just feel its a bit too pricey but hey ive conformed...Not to say i will be purchasing from Mac often nah i aint got money like that lol ;)

☆.I Went to Target & Walgreens!.☆

Went for my much anticipated trip to target and finally bought Shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie! I am in Luuuuuvvvvvv <3

 I also purchased this gel since i left my big tub of eco style in the UK and this thing works wonders, it has a multi purpose use and has a medium hold..just perfect for me! Bought it from Walgreens!!

Sunday, 3 July 2011

☆.Dirty Secret - What is Nigerian Cinema Turning Into?.☆

I am seriously concerned about the rate in which Nigerian Cinema's are churning out pornographic movies...I recently watched the film 'Dirty Secret 1& 2' and let me just say this is more than a dirty secret....
Credits below:
Story/ Screenplay – Chisom Juliet Okereke
Director – Theodore Anyanji
Producer – Kingsley Okereke
Tonto Dikeh – Pandora
Muna Obiekwe – Ken
Maryann Apollo – Florence
Ajibola Dabo
Artus Frank
Pope Stan
Ejine Okoroafor

Dirty Secret A professional gigolo(Muna Obiekwe) gets involved with a girl(Tonto Dikeh) whom is carnally involved with her father Chief Otumba(Ajibola Daba) a politician who marries a second wife to take advantage of her influence to boost his political carrer. With the introduction of the gigolo into the family every one wants to have a common share of him not excluding Chief Otumba himself.

 My Review
I don't know where this sudden excitement for soft porn films has come from within the WestAfrican film industry, first it was Ghana with Hot Fork (2010) & 4play (2010) and now Nigeria has decided to embrace this nonsense.
This film not only touches on some delicate and sensitive themes but it does not do it in a tasteful way at all! Don't get me wrong we can't hide from these issues as things like this do go on in life but it is different when films try to teach you consequences to wrong and sick actions and not just try and glamorise sex!
In the film we witness the incest relationship between a father and his daughter and then also the sick relationship between the father daughter and the daughters boyfriend. I am sure that we are aware this is a new craze running through African cinema, the idea of homosexuality and although it may be happening in society these films present the idea that this is the new 'cool' thing.

I could not even get to the end of the film as i was sooo disgusted and what the film was turning into, i did not even see any legitimate reason for the chosen storyline and i was just in shock. 
Fair enough if the movie ratings where something that was paid close attention too but we both know that it is possible for any person any age group to get there hands on all Nigerian movies, so what i wanna know is what message are we trying to send to people?
 Aside from movies like this there have been some good films that have made me feel proud to be Nigerian but the problem here is that these movies will not get as much limelight as controversial ones.

Positive Side
I have to commend Maryann Apollo for her superb acting, anyone can read some lines but the way this women delivered it was extremely realistic and believable. When she discovered her husband was sleeping with her sister her reaction truly showed how repulsed she was, i don't think she could have done any better. As usual Tonto Dikehs acting was on point aswell.
The first part of the movie was interesting also and unlike the typical Nigerian way part 1 actually ended on a cliffhanger making me want to tune into part two (Oh how I wish I didn't lol).
Expect more reviews from me, until next time =].

☆.I Really Wish I Had Enough Time.☆

There are sooo many hairstyles I wanna try, but I really don't have enough patience or time to do it. This style looks soo gorgeous!

☆.The confussion a few adjustments can make .☆

I took some pics....changed the highlighting, saturation and shadows and confused everyone. Apprantly the picture looks like its been painted so here is the original and the edit below...



Friday, 1 July 2011

☆.Puff Style.☆

Sharing my hairstyle I wore today. This was done from my flat twist outs.

☆.So I finally dyed My Hair.☆

I have been tryna dye my hair for some time now and finally it worked!! My new hair colour is gingery red woop woop!

 How i achieved this colour...
 L'Oreal Casting Creme Gloss in Mahogany.

 I purchased the product from my local tesco for £6.99.
What happened was i first of all used this product and as usual no change to the colour of my hair, i was SOOOOOO annoyed and I went out and bought Dark and Lovely hair dye and dyed it the same day....WARNING THIS IS NOT GOOD FOR YOUR HAIR!!! I only did this because i was prepared to risk it as it did not contain ammonia, but i would advise waiting approximately 3 weeks before dyeing again.

Dark and Lovely permanent hair colour in Honey Blonde.

I purchased this from my local black hair shop for £3.99. The product worked fast and the product was great.

In the future I will NEVER use the casting creme gloss for my hair, I think for my hair type it is better i use a product better suited for it.  My next dye will be around the end of September.


Tuesday, 28 June 2011

☆.Crotchet braids to Kansas.☆

As some of you may know I am away in Kansas City, MO for an internship and I didn't wanna take my natural hair there for ease (didnt wanna have the stress of doing my hair for the first couple of weeks). Anyways i did crotchet braids with J'Adore hair and it came out looking fabulous! After a week it started to tangle and uggh.......did not like it! Here are some pics of the hair after 3 days.

Sunday, 26 June 2011

☆.The Best Twist Outs so far.☆

I did some twist outs using 'Twist n loc' protein locking formula and it is sooo great. Check out the review below.  Here are some more pics from the next couple of days.

☆.Barry M Nail Effects Review.☆

I recently came across this new nail polish craze that gives the nails a new and fun look, once you apply a top coat of the specific polish over your nails it creates a sort of crackled effect. Well i decided to try this out since i looooveeeeeee painting my nails ahhh!
I purchased Barry M's Instant Nail effects black magic 10ml from amazon, link below:

This product was brilliant! It worked within seconds of applying it and gave the crackled effect. I also came across other brands of the 'crackle' nail polishes such as W7, so i will be giving you a review and comparison on that.
Overall definitely a great product, check out my YouTube channel for the video of me applying this nail polish. It shows the real time it takes to work.
Below are some pics of the final result after adding my flare to my nails.

I used Sally Hansens 'Hotties Wear Pink' Xtreme Wear nail polish with i LOVE, this brand dries so quickly i really recommend it! After applying this i then used the Barry M nail effects and then finished it off with some silver glittery polish by Saffron.

And below is the final result!

I hope you can see the dazzle effect underneath the glitter polish, anyways hope ya like it peeps.!

YouTube Vid:


☆.Henna Experience.☆

This was the results from my first henna experience, i have to admit i thought the colour would come out more but i was quite happy with the results. Henna is GREAT for the hair and left my hair feeling soft and strong! I would definitely recommend it to everyone, go get your henna on peeps.!



I Loove this womens hair colour!!

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

☆.NYX Round Lipsticks.☆

So i purchased some NYX round lipsticks from Ebay a store called Joy cosmetics here is the link to the store:
I was going for a more subtle and nude look with the lipsticks that i chose and these are the lipsticks i purchased in the end.
1. b52-565
2. Fusion - 627
3. Mars - 605
4. Heredes - 538
5. Doll - 635
6. Tea Rose - 628

see the video below with swatches included.

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